Serving Suggestion

SPAM® Spring Roll

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  • 150g SPAM® Classic, shredded
  • Pieces of spring roll wrap
  • 100g hotbed chives, cut
  • 100g carrot, shredded
  • 50g black fungus, shredded
  • 10g light soy sauce
  • 10g oyster sauce
  • 4g salt
  • 2g sugar


  1. Add oil to a preheat pot.
  2. Make the stuffing: mix the prepared carrot, chives, black fungus and SPAM® Classic together with the seasoning.
  3. Put some stuffing in the mid of a wrap and fold three sides up towards the center. Then roll till the end of the last opening and wet the edge a bit to seal up.
  4. Heat up the pot till the oil is boiling. Put down the spring rolls and fried them till crustily golden.
  5. Bring them out and transfer to kitchen towel to remove excessive oil.

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